Good Enough to Eat – Faux Fruit from Sewing Trims

From Episode 105 – Informal Formality

Fruit has long been a symbol of hospitality. Faux fruit has been made from wax, plastic, sequins and beads and wood. Here’s a simple craft that capitalizes on fruit’s welcoming reputation, and is fun to make and lovely to look at – faux fruit from sewing trims. This project is great for making easy holiday decor or just for a clever accent for your home. If you have left over sewing trims around the house, it’s also a great way to use them up.

You’ll need:
  • Styrofoam forms
  • Colored head pins
  • Sewing trims

Select the Styrofoam forms to approximate the size and shape of fruit you want to make – a round form for an apple, a conical shape for a set of grapes, an oval shape for a lemon, etc. Aren’t these grapes darling? What Brini Maxwell craft project would be complete without ball fringe?

Select your forms

Wrap the form in a trim that is the same color as the fruit you’re trying to approximate, pinning it in place with coordinating colored pins. If you’re creating grapes, use ball fringe.

Wrapping and pinning

Once you’ve made about 5 pieces you can display them in a silver bowl, a wicker cornucopia, or even hang them on the Christmas tree.

Finished Faux Fruit

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