The Basics of Fondue – Dessert Edition

Fabulous Fondue

From: Episode 105 – Womb with a View – Make Yourself At Home

Fondue – easy and delicious – is one of my favorite dishes. It’s also perfect for a day spent at home because it’s fun and simple to make. These dessert fondue recipes are perfect for a chilly fall or winter evening in with friends.

For chocolate fondue you’ll need:

-8 oz of the chocolate of your choice (I like Toblerone, the original chocolate fondue chocolate)
-½ cup of milk

The best plan is to start with the chocolate in a double boiler with water boiling underneath. This will insure that the chocolate doesn’t burn. Once the chocolate is melted add your milk and transfer to your fondue pot. Serve with:

-Other fruits
-Sponge cake
-Doughnut holes
-Shredded wheat
-Chunks of coconut.

For caramel fondue you’ll need:

-14oz milk caramels
-½ cup whole milk or cream

Put the caramels in your fondue pot (it’s less likely that the caramels will burn, unlike the chocolate) then melt them down with the milk or cream.

Serve this fondue with apples for a wonderful fall treat!

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