Sand Painting – Bring the Beach to Your Tiki Bar

From Episode 206 – Tiki Brini

The crystalline beauty of sand is such a waste just sitting on a beach. Why not feature it in a sand painting?

You’ll need:
  • Sturdy paper (we used watercolor paper)
  • Felt tip pen
  • White glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Sand in different natural colors

Begin by drawing out your design on the paper using the pen. We featured a fierce looking Tiki. You can use a slide or overhead projector or carbon paper to transfer an image or you can freehand one. Make the visual elements that combine to compose the image well defined fields – no lines that wander off and end without closing into a shape with a white space in the center.

Artwork Outline

Then decide which color of sand will be used in which field. It’s best not to label the fields, however, the sand is not completely opaque when glued down and your markings will show.


Next pick a field and paint the white space with the glue,

Paint a shape with glue

then sprinkle sand over the glue until the area is completely covered. Start with your darker sand colors first.

Cover the glue with sand

Tip the paper up and allow the excess sand to fall off onto a waiting receptacle and move on to the next field.

Tip paper to let excess sand fall off.

Fill all the fields composing the image with sand.

Continue until all shapes are filled in.

Embellish the finished sand painting with artificial foliage or other objects, and then frame it with a purchased frame trimmed with bamboo for an extra “Tiki” touch.

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