7 Tips for Better Kitchen Organization

Streamline Storage, Clear Clutter – The Basics of Kitchen Organization

In this segment from the pilot of my first show I demonstrate my 7 tips for kitchen organization.

These seven tips are as follows:

  1. Countertops are for cooking and preparing food – not storage. Countertops can look cluttered with too many appliances on them.
  2. Find ways to free up cabinet space – be creative about where you put the things you use – hang them inside cabinet doors, if they’re pretty, display them on shelves. Spices can go on spice racks, etc… Place canisters on the counter for easy access when cooking and use lazy susans and cabinet lifts and levels to multiply shelf space and make items put in the backs of the cabinets more accessible.
  3. Nest, nest, nest, n’est ce pas? Buy or find things that can nest together. My mixing bowls nest, as do some of my pots and pans.
  4. Keep similar items, or items that are used for one task together – that way, if you can find one, you can find them all.
  5. Use trays to corral items together so they can be moved as a unit in one motion.
  6. Air tight jars are great for dry staples. You can stack and arrange them to take advantage of tight cabinet space and you can see what you’re running low on.
  7. Put wasted space to good use. This can mean taking advantage of the space above cabinets for decorative items that you don’t use often or building a shelf that runs around the perimeter of your room up high for the same purpose. Making the drawer front under your sink functional as a flip-down place to store you sponges can be helpful. One more tip – store little used baking sheets in the broiler drawer.

Being creative about your kitchen organization can help you take full advantage of the space you have. Your kitchen isn’t anywhere near as small, or awkward as you think it is!

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