Trim Your Bath Towels for a Personalized Bath Experience

Perk Up Your Bath With These Fun Towels

From: Episode 208 – Love Me Loo

Store bought towels can be so drab, even in the bright colors they come in now-a-days the “no frills” quality of them hardly says sumptuous. Luckily it’s easy as pie to turn a ho hum towel into a real hum dinger. The secret? Trimmed towels, decorated with ribbons and fringes. Here’s how:

Brini at the sewing machine

These towels have a retro quality that feels fresh and new. Patterned and trimmed towels were popular in the 1960’s and 70’s when decorating schemes were strong and bold.

You’ll need:

  • Basic pre-washed towels in colors that coordinate with your bathroom scheme – bath, hand and face
  • Various pre-washed cotton, colorfast trims that also coordinate with your colors
  • Thread to match
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors


Choose trim

Start by picking a trim that contrasts pleasantly with one of your towels. Then, lay it across the towel in a place that looks good proportionally, (it’s nice to leave a little space at the bottom of the towel.) You can use the woven band that most towels have as a guide. Then pin it on, and you’re ready to stitch it in place.

Stitch it in place along both edges and the ends and trim it to fit (leaving enough for a hem). You’ll want to use thread on the top of the machine that matches the trim and thread in the bobbin that matches the towel, then your stitching will disappear.

Repeat as many times as you have towels.

Layer rows of ball fringe to create a diamond pattern for a lush effect. Different trims can be combined to create a variety of effects.

Ball fringe layered in a staggered configuration creates a diamond pattern.

I like to make a matching set of two of each hand, bath and face towel because trimming all the towels differently can be jarring.

The bath towel trimmed with bias tape and ball fringe.

Creating a coordinated bath with trimmed towels that no one else will have is fun. Use your imagination and combine and layer trims to make styles that look and feel lush and unique.

The Finished Bath

The black, white and red theme of the model room we created for the show was based on using newspaper as a wall covering – a popular idea in the 1970’s. Here’s the completed room as it was shown on the episode. Note our bath towel on the far right!


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