Creative Packing – Cutting Your Move Down to Size

Making Moving Less Onerous

I’ve been madly packing, getting ready for my move. Being the frugal lass that I am, I’m appalled by the cost of packing material! Boxes, wrapping paper, tape, it all costs an arm and a leg. so I decided to get creative. I have some solutions that I’d like to share with you, though.

Where to Find Boxes

When it comes to boxes you don’t need to contribute to the deforestation of the earth. Repurposing boxes is a great way to save the earth and save a buck at the same time. Finding boxes is as simple as asking for them. Liquor stores are more than happy to get rid of their boxes and the ones they give you are perfect for packing books! Supermarkets, big box stores, even your building super are great sources for boxes. Just ask!

Creative Packing With Unexpected Materials

A move is always a good time to purge yourself of unnecessary belongings. One of the things you can get rid of is financial records older than 7 years (according to my accountant). Keep your actual tax documents, but all the support documents – bank statements, cancelled checks, old bills, receipts, etc – can be gotten rid of. Don’t just throw these documents away. They need to be shredded, preferably by a cross-cut shredder.

Packing box with shredded financial records as packing material
Creative packing with old financial records.

I had documents dating back to 1986! I spent evenings for a few weeks sitting in front of the television running these documents through my shredder. After shredding them, I put them in big bags and set them aside in anticipation of my upcoming move. I’ve been using the shreds to pack my breakables. Now that’s creative packing, and it’s also a great way to reduce your paper clutter!

It’s a great, free source of packing material for me and works perfectly to fill out the boxes and pad the china and glass. I wouldn’t use them to ship your eBay sales for fear of identity theft, but they’re perfect for moving and storage.

Moral of the story? Don’t let the cost of moving deplete your renovation and redecorating budgets! A little creativity will cut those expenses in half.

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