Desk Set – Home Office Organization and Optimization

Make the Most of Your Drawers

 A few weeks ago I showed you my new office space. This week I’m giving you a few office organization ideas and tips. One of the most useful things I did was to place a secondary work surface in the top drawer of my desk. It gives me a second writing surface and also acts as a support for my arm when using my computer mouse. Another thing I did with those drawers is line them with vintage wallpaper. The pretty pattern is a nice surprise when you open the drawer. To maximize that I use clear plastic drawerganizers so you can see the pattern through the bottom of them.

Closets Aren’t Just for Clothing Anymore

In my closet, I put an Elfa file cart with storage under it. It’s really all I need and saves space compared to a big, bulky file cabinet. I’ve also created a spot for my printer in my closet, which rids my desktop of a big, ugly black behemoth and frees up space for other things.

Two Desks are Better Than One

Last, but not least, my secondary work surface is a drop-down desk that has plenty of space for writing letters. The desk also has built-in storage and I’ve placed an outlet in the wall inside it, so I didn’t have to drill a hole through the piece to plug in the little light fixture I put in there… or my laptop computer.

Making the most of your storage and work space is important in a small home office. Prior planning is essential. Office organization, if you work it out in advance, will make your office a happy place to work!

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