Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Knot – How to Fold and Hang Trousers

Today, we’re tackling a basic subject. But it’s one that, from the rumpled look of so many, is surprisingly unheeded in most American closets – how to fold trousers.

Neatness Counts

The most important thing people are unaware of is, don’t close the front closures! If you do, you’re just asking for trouble. The fronts of the slacks will begin to develop an identity crisis, because they don’t know which direction they’re supposed to fold. Leave the fronts unfastened, then fold in the front edges along the crease lines so they lay flat. Be sure to line up your belt loops, and the trousers should hang with the center back where it should be – in the center.

These little things make all the difference to a neat appearance and an organized closet.

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